Lano Surprise Box


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Tired of using the same pattern same design Contact Lenses but don’t know what to pick??

Now Lano provides everyone an opportunity to try all different branded awesome lenses in a special surprise price! Just select your preferred eye power and we’ve got you covered!

Surprise Box items are all picked randomly among original brands; and colored contact lenses. Diameter of the contact lenses will be picked randomly; 14.0mm 14.2mm 14.8mm. Please take note that there will be no clear lenses in this Surprise Box.

All contact lenses come in a pair of same degree. If you have a different degree, please choose a second box and write us a “note” over checkout section. We will provide you same pattern contact lenses for two boxes. Items provided in Surprise Box will be randomly selected.



Terms and Conditions for Lano Surprise Box:

All contact lenses are not entitled for exchange and return policy once ordered. This order is a surprise box, which customers are not allowed to pick their specific designs or colors.

Lano Surprise Box is not entitled for “Buy 2 Free Shipping” deals; please purchase along with 2 selected-able contact lenses to enjoy “Buy 2 Free Shipping in Malaysia”.

Additional information

Dimensions 10 mm