Geo Morning Glory Flower


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Introducing these grey contacts from the GEO XTRA Flower line, the ultimate beauty tool for eyes that dazzle like no other. Be the cutest doll ever when you mesmerize those around you with your larger-than-life eyes! This one-of-a-kind pattern features floral-inspired lines with a smooth tint of silvery grey in the centre to give you those perfectly large peepers you desire. Your eyes will glow with a demure, angelic sheen – to reflect the beauty you already are.

A generous 14.5 mm graphic diameter provides the doll-eyed enlarging effect, while the splash of grey tint will keep things looking natural and polished.

These grey contacts make the perfect outfit topper, whether you’re going to a party or just to a professional event.

  • Stars on the silver screen are no match for you when you walk out in these richly colored circle lenses! Show off your #dolleyes with glamorous accessories like false lashes, or keep it simple and clean with just a thin swipe of liner.
  • Available in myopia prescription (power -0.00 ~ -8.00)
  • Sold as a pair of 2 lenses
  • Achieve bigger than life eyes thanks to the 14.8 lens diameter. Feel comfy all day long with their 38% water content.
  • Made by industry powerhouse GEO Medical, these circle lenses feature top-quality polymacon material with 38% water content, keeping your eyes feeling as comfy as they are gorgeous.

The party doesn’t start til you walk in with your show-stopping eyes. Let big and glossy eyes be your best facial asset today with these GEO circle lenses!

Water Content38-42%
Packaging2 Vials
Lifespan3 Months Disposable