Geo Lotus Flower


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Your eyes will look sweeter and sexier than before with these LOTUS SERIES contact lenses. The flower series are going to be your new favorite contacts and the greatest item of your eyes accessories collection.  This new series is inspired by beautiful natural flowers shape that is added into the lenses. This series creates a gorgeous style, bring a beautiful color into your eyes, and allow you to add your favorite flowers to your look very easily. You will love this lotus flower style and enjoy your new favorite gray lenses that are very charming and very interesting. With this lotus flower Gray contact lens you will turn your eyes into adorable gray eyes and this lens is perfect for both dark and light natural eye color. This lens offers a mysterious glamour look and let you express your personality to show that you are a sweet romantic person, and it’s also great for everyone, not only for women but also for men who like lotus flowers and want to show their personal style to the world. These  contacts will give you fascinating eyes and attract positive attention from crowd like flowers attract bees.

Water content 40±2%
Base curve8.8mm
Power0.00 Plano
Packaging2 Vials
Lifespan3 Months Disposable