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GEO GRANG GRANG color lenses are very trendy now because these cosmetic accessories have a design that reflects the light to let you have Glittering eyes like a barbie doll. All Asian celebrities like the dolly look that they can get from these¬†GEO GRANG GRANG with dark ring as their eyes are bigger and more mysterious but you can now also take advantage of these products. It’s easy to change your eye color with chocolate brown color lenses and thanks to these GEO GRANG GRANG your new color will look really natural. It’s now possible to wear brown contact lenses without telling anyone because these lenses are nice enough to hide into your natural color, so try them now if you want to look different very easily.

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OriginMade in Korea
Diameter14.2 mm
Water content38-42%
Base curve8.6
Lifespan3 Months
CertificateFDA and EU approved