Geo Big Grang Grang


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Offering a more chic doll like look is the Big GrangGrang  by Geo Medical. A closer look sees noticeably thicker limbal ring that shouts dramatic, and the softer brown tones gives it balance. More coverage means improved blending with your eyes. Also a decent compliment with K-pop style look, whether bold or natural.

The Grang Grang contact lens series is now the most famous in Korea and Japan and these new lenses are extra large brown contacts that can enlarge your eyes in a spectacular way. You can call this magic but these contact lenses can really show wider eyes in a natural way.

Please select a second box if you have a different prescription for both eyes.

OriginMade in Korea
Diameter14.80 mm
Base curve8.8mm
Lifespan3 Months
CertificateFDA and EU
Pacakging2 vial a box