Magic Color Bella Special


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GEO Bella Grey Circle Lenses

|Be the belle of the ball! With a soft enlarging limbal ring, the GEO Bella circle lenses series are made specifically for those who look for a touch of playful innocence in their eyes, blending naturally into the iris for a simply irresistible look!

Eyes sparkling like a princess, shine bright like a movie star with these grey contacts designed to elevate your natural beauty to the next level! Feel confident in your day to day life — whether you’re at the office, in class or at the club your eyes will feel fresh and you’ll be ready to stun everyone with a blink of your eye with these grey contacts.

With a diameter of 14.2mm and a soft limbal ring you’ll have the most stunningly beautiful eyes without an excessively enlarging effect — it’ll look so natural people won’t stop complimenting you! And with the high-quality Polymacon material these grey contacts are made out of you won’t feel an itch in your eye all day long.

  • Show off the world your individuality with these sparkling grey contacts! Perfect to unleash your inner ice princess wherever you go. Perfect for a night out on the town. Capture everyone’s stares and hearts with this pair of contacts.
  • Available in non prescription only
  • Sold as a pair of 2 lenses
  • With a subtle size enhancement of 14.2 you’ll feel naturally pretty and your eyes will stay hydrated all day long thanks to the 38% water content.
  • Made with the popular Polymacon material by industry legends GEO Medical, each pair of lenses is usable for up to a year.

Grey contacts that compliment your eyes without looking artificial? No way! With these grey contacts you’ll feel like you were born with them on. Achieve the finishing touch to any stylish look with a pair of sparkling grey eyes and stun everyone with your beauty. You’ll feel like you’ve been put under the spotlight! Go ahead and grab a pair!

ColorTwo Tone Bella Special Series
Base Curve8.6mm
Water Level42%
PowerPlano to -8.00D
Lifespan3 Months
Pack Size2 Pcs Case / Vial